Top 5 Reasons Why Air India Should Be Your Next Airline?

What makes an airline perfect? Right from amazing services to courteous behavior and punctuality, several such factors help customers rely on a particular airline. These days, Air India is, with its amazing services, is becoming one of the most preferred airlines. So, what is it that is making it favorite among flyers?

Air India is one of the well-acknowledged airlines, which commenced its operations back in 1946. Being a government-owned enterprise, this airline owns a number of aircrafts including the Airbus, Dreamliner, 777, and 747s, which serve more than 90 domestic and international destinations.

Over the period, this airline has managed to establish its trustworthy presence among travelers. And, several aspects contribute to its popularity. Mentioned below are some of the reasons that clarify why this airline in preferred by people.

  • Better Connectivity to Locations:

This Indian carrier boasts of an amazing fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircrafts. Since it provides its services to several domestic and international airports, the airline’s connectivity is well-appreciated. So, whether you want to check out Mumbai Hyderabad flights or anywhere else, this Indian carrier always has options for you.

  • Affordable Flights as Compared to Others:

Being a government entity, this airline provides flight tickets within an affordable budget as compared to other private airlines. Furthermore, when there are some offers and discounts available by Air India, it becomes all the way cheaper to fly from one destination to the other. Therefore, those who travel frequently choose this airline.

  • Understanding & Polite Crew:

One of the primary things that you may notice in an airline is the behavior of their staff and crew members, right? As far as this airline is concerned, its staff members are not only well-mannered but are also proficient in Indian languages. Thus, travelers have a seamless experience understanding the airline’s guidelines and putting forth their opinions and problems.

  • Comfortable Flights:

This is another considerable factor that makes people choose this airline instead of other airlines. In comparison with many other airlines, Air India’s aircrafts are larger and carry more space. With enough leg-room for travelers, aircrafts make it easier for people to have a seamless journey, hence, preventing exhaustion and jet lag.

  • Beneficial Royalty Program:

Back in 2014, the airline became a member of Star Alliance, which further created opportunities for travelers to avail significant benefits. One such advantage is their Loyalty Program. Along with providing a number of offers in their programs, the airline also allows you to utilize their air miles with other members of Star Alliance.

When you travel frequently, the only thing that you may consider is how comfortable and easy your journey will be with the chosen airline, isn’t it? These are some of the factors that make the Indian carrier one of a preferable carriers in the country. So, the next time you pack your bags to travel again, consider Air India and make your journey hassle-free.