Adventure to Ibadan

Flight to Ibadan

When you heard about Nigeria, what would you think? You think about the hot climate, the unstable country condition caused by Boko Haram or maybe facing paranoid of their extreme foods?

You wouldn’t have to face all of them. There is a city in Nigeria named Ibadan, lies in western Nigeria that has a beautiful environment and provides many kinds of people attraction. Get a Flight to Ibadan and you will find a different kind of city compared to other cities in Nigeria.

You can stroll down along the downtown visiting Mapo Hall, a historical hall in Ibadan. We can see all the past Ibadan kings here. For fauna lovers, The Zoological garden is a perfect choice to go. It’s located at the University of Ibadan. The zoo has a variety of wildlife which makes it an interesting place to take a look in Ibadan.

Notice this one, Cocoa House. Cocoa House is one of the tallest buildings in West Africa, built by Obafemi Awolowo. The Cocoa House is a famous landmark in Oyo, as it is the first skyscraper building that built in Africa with the purpose to export cocoa. If you like about historic places, this museum would be the best choice, National Museum of Unity. National Museum of Unity is a place that provides significant artifacts of Nigerian landmarks of national unity. A visit to this place would ensure you have information of relics of the nation’s glorious in the pasts. If you bring your family together with you to Ibadan, come to The Trans Wonderland Amusement Park. It was known as Nigeria’s Disney World. The park is full of gadgets, just like the rollercoaster, funky basket circles, flying chain chairs, etc.

Last but not least, the food. The best-known restaurant in Ibadan is Amala. Here you can eat gbegiri ati ewedu of Amala, the famous dish in this place. If you visit this state and you don’t visit Amala and joint around the corner, then your adventure to the city of Ibadan wouldn’t be complete.

There are many interesting and educating places in Ibadan we deserve to take a look closely beside some places I mentioned above. Be ready for the adventure in Ibadan!