Holidaying in the Beautiful City of Lisbon

Lisbon Flights

Lisbon is the largest city of Portugal and also the capital of the country. It has a charm of its own that cannot be denied by anyone who has actually visited the place. It is definitely one of the hottest tourist spots that people from many countries visit to witness its unique wonders. The London to Lisbon flights do not take more than 2.5 hours and the number of flights on this route every week is above 100.

Things to do in Lisbon

There are many things that a person can enjoy during his stay in Lisbon. It would certainly enrich your knowledge about the Portuguese culture that is imbibed in every corner of the city, blended with shades of modern and traditional colors.

  • Lisbon Oceanarium: This is the place where you can get extremely close to the aquatic life and see the water animals in their element. A beautiful place to be visited along with kids to have some fun.
  • Jerominose Monastery: Monasteries are places that intrigue all. This monastery is a historic site that one can visit to acquire peace of mind and meditate for a while. It can be an educating as well as enriching experience to witness how a monastery works and functions.
  • Calouste Gulbenkian Museum: This museum has a range of items from oil paintings to jewelry. A person who loves watching things from history or one who likes contemporary and modern artistic flavors should essentially visit the place. Nearby cafes and gardens that surround the museum only add to its charm.
  • Lisbon Wine tasting tour in Setúbal Region: If you are a wine lover, looking to make your taste buds happy, then Lisbon’s wine tasting tour is a must for you. With a wide range of wines being served for you to enjoy and see which one you would like to carry along with yourself to treat your friends with, this place is perfect for a light and spunky evening.
  • Tagus River Cruise: If you are on your honeymoon or with your long-wedded spouse, then you can opt for this cruise for some romantic moments and also enjoy one of the most alluring sights during the sunset. Sunsets make the city look extraordinarily beautiful, exhibiting a completely different perspective of the city than its appearance in the broad daylight.

If you are a person who likes to enjoy the nightlife, Lisbon has come out of the league and rare places for you to visit. Lisbon has rivers, shops, landscapes, religious places, nightlife and much more to offer to the people willing to go there for a fun holiday. Whether it is a romantic getaway or a family trip, Lisbon will never disappoint. Hence, you should not look any further for your next trip, just book cheap Lisbon flight tickets today and visit a place that will leave you mesmerized with all the attractions it has to offer.