Exotic Paradise, Maldives Island

The Republic of Maldives or Maldives Island is an archipelago state composed of a collection of atolls (a coral island surrounding a lagoon) in the Indian Ocean. As quoted from Wikipedia Maldives located south-southwest of India, about 700 km southwest of Sri Lanka. The economic situation of Maldives depends on two main sectors, namely tourism and fisheries. The country is well known for its many beautiful beaches and underwater scenery that attracts 700,000 tourists annually. With its elegance, the Maldives island is called a lagging paradise. The charm of the beach is so exotic and the underwater scenery is also very beautiful. Enjoy the exotic nature under the sea can not only be done with diving or snorkeling. Renting a hotel room under the sea can be an alternative for those who have a lifestyle. The facilities in this place are also quite advanced. Many international hotels can be found here, such as Hilton, Fourseason, and so on.

The Maldives Islands is the best Maldives liveaboard to go diving. The blue oceans of the Maldives are filled with beautiful marine life. Taking a breather, have never seen coral reefs and multi colored fish esteemed by divers as these waters are very clear even at about 50 meters from the surface of the water. Maldivian water is also said to be at an ideal temperature of 25-30 degrees Celsius, to go diving, so the Maldives are marked on the world map along with other top diving destinations.

If you want to see such beauty under the water of life in the best country, then you should plan a trip to the Maldives, between December and April. This happens when the Maldives experiences a dry season and the sea is at its quietest. You are expected to experience only mild winds and very little rainfall. Therefore, rough waves and strong currents will definitely not spoil your diving trip. As a reference for you to visit there can surf the internet here first https://divebooker.com/maldives-liveaboards-iaz2.

Not only the beauty of the beach, the beauty of the underwater was no less amazing. Diving around the Maldives will be very pampering the eyes, various coral reefs, thousands of sea fish, and various other marine animals are presented with a very beautiful. Underwater waves Maldives also still quite safe for beginner divers. It makes many want to see the habitat in the water directly. Indeed, one of the world’s underwater paradise may be found on Maldives Island. Dare try to stay in heaven?