Adding a Retro Touch to a New Adventure

My parents have talked about taking a trip to Europe for years.  They married at a very young age, in part because my big sister was born shortly after they eloped after their first year of trade school.  She was a telephone operator at a department store for years, and he taught shop.  Now that my Dad has retired, we’re going to throw them an old-fashioned Bon Voyage party and send them off to Paris in style.  We’re taking our theme from the television show Mad Men that was a hit for years.  They met during that time, and it just seems right for the mid-century modern home Dad eventually bought for us back in the early 60’s.  Maybe that explains why I loved that show so much.

Mom loved to throw parties for us kids.  She was handy with a sewing machine and made patterns based on a lot of high-end clothes she saw at work.  She made all of our costumes at Halloween and our Sunday dresses, too.  She loves to decorate for birthday parties, and I remember more than one time their card parties got so loud the neighbors threatened to call the police.  Like I said, they were married when they were just out of their teens.  We both love to shop Groupon, so I know just where to start my search for all the special touches I want to add to this party.  I can’t wait to see her face when she finds a bowl of custom M&M on the table.  Chocolate covered peanuts have been a favorite of hers since she was a little girl.  Actually, we all ate them, and would laugh at the mess we made from holding them in our palms to disprove the claim that they would “melt in your mouth, not in your hand.”

With Groupon, I’ve saved 20% off my order of custom M&M’s and I have used other codes to get free shipping.  I’ve ordered them before to decorate cupcakes for special occasions and they are always a big hit.  These will have Dad’s retirement date on them, so he thinks we’re just celebrating his last days at work.  What I can’t wait for is the look on his face when he opens the card and finds the ticket to Paris inside.  That will call for another round of Martini’s, Mad Men style!