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Dad and I Found Some Great Common Ground with Flying Fun

I turned 15 years old six months ago. My parents bought me a new computer for my birthday. They said that it was a thank you for all the help I give them around the house. I am very appreciative of my new, fast machine because I could not afford to buy one on my own. I make a small allowance every week to earn a little cash, but that’s it. Dad said that I should look for some flying games online, but I wondered if I should play some of the other types of games that my friends already play and love.

I quickly learned that my friends mostly like to play really violent games. Continue reading »


By   March 19, 2015
Enjoy your winter trip with Himachal destinations. Shimla is the one of the most favorite destination for tourist. It is the best option for both honeymoon and adventurous sport enjoyment.

A Shimla honeymoon tour will give you an unforgettable folio into the book of your lifestyle as you begin a new and interesting phase of marriage life. The wonderful appears to be of sources, natural environment, and swaying areas along with tremendous serenity and balance will make your honeymoon the most enjoyable. Locations like Jhakho Mountain, Probability Mountain, Summer Hill and Chadwick falls are sure to add to that preferred relationship and extreme pleasure for the recently wedded couple!

How to Enjoy at Shimla?
Shimla is one of the best locations in the Himachal, India for adventurous sport activities. It, therefore, goes without saying that a large number of visitors who fearless of cold sports are choosing this destination for their value of money.

Snow sports: For the snow sports, Kufri is the right choice of Shimla. Enjoy activities like ice skate boarding, curler skate boarding and snowboarding are performed with passion by younger and old as well. Don’t get the impact that Shimla becomes icy chilly during Dec or Jan. It doesn’t get as icy as locations like Jammu and the cool here is fairly appropriate, offered you bring all your woolens & overcoats.

Hiking the Taradevi Temple: During the Shimla tour, you must also ascend the mountains to reach the Taradevi. It is a great and most accepted tourist destination because of its top-of-the-hill surroundings and the religious touché. The place is wrapped by jungles and thus makes for an outstanding one day picnic place as well.

Climbing or walking next to the woods: During journey to shiplap, one can enjoy climbing, bird-watching, sunset-watching or simply taking an indolent stroll by the timber & orchards. The winter season would really add to that factor of aura with its great smoky fog!

How to Reach this Himachal Destination?
By Rail: The nearest railways station at Kalka.
By Air: The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti in Shimla.
By Road: Well connected with all roadways.